Digital Fundraising

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington


50% increase raised in 2023

with daily emails, digital ads, and SMS

Nearly 300% active list growth in 2023

on email and SMS.

When we were brought on in November 2022, the digital fundraising program had a shrinking active list size, donor fatigue, email deliverability problems, and no SMS program. In partnership with the CREW team, we revamped email templates and content, transferred the campaign to a new CRM, made back-end deliverability improvements, restructured audiences, invested in email and SMS acquisition, launched an SMS texting program, made website optimizations, and launched an aggressive direct-to-donate program on Google search. The result has been a record-breaking online fundraising year for the organization.

The implementation of these strategies marked a significant turnaround for CREW. By embracing a multifaceted approach, the organization not only overcame its initial challenges but also unlocked new opportunities for growth and engagement. This period of change was not just about recovery; it was about setting new standards and achieving unprecedented success in the organization’s online fundraising efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of adaptive and forward-thinking strategies in the digital domain.