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We’re a full-service digital firm, and our services run the gamut from online fundraising, to grassroots mobilization, to drafting, producing, and purchasing digital advertisements. For the last four years, we’ve been helping political campaigns at all levels, leading nonprofits, innovative businesses, and government agencies achieve their goals. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to data-driven strategies, ensuring every decision is informed by thorough analysis and the latest industry insights. This methodical approach, combined with our creative edge, has allowed us to raise millions of dollars, mobilize vast networks of supporters, and drive substantial positive change.


We help campaigns at all levels raise money, mobilize supporters, and break through to the voters in the middle who will decide the outcome.


We help nonprofits, charities, and other mission-driven organizations drive positive change through digital media — from email and SMS marketing, to social media mobilization.


Ascend Digital Strategies partners with businesses to embed ethical and progressive practices, facilitating a journey towards more responsible and sustainable corporate engagements.

Government & Public Sector

Collaborating closely with government and public sector entities, we deliver digital solutions that enhance public services and help constituents access the services and information they need.

Private Sector

We help businesses of all kinds curate an effective, on-message, and authentic digital presence that helps them expand their customer base — and outdo the competition.

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Digital Strategy

With the world shifting rapidly towards digital platforms, breaking through requires more than churning out cookie-cutter content. It takes forging a meaningful relationship with your audience built around their needs and your authentic story. We’ll help you leverage every digital tool available to help you do exactly that — all of it in service to your broader goals.

Grassroots Fundraising

Small-dollar donors are the lifeblood of many campaigns. We’ll help you raise money through the full suite of digital tools available — from email to texting to search — armed with industry best-practices to maximize the return on your investment, capitalize on emerging trends and, mostly importantly, meet your audience where they are.

Data Acquisition

All campaigns depend on building relationships with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. Whether it’s for fundraising, volunteering, or voter turnout, we’ll help you build, grow, and engage a robust list of targeted contacts — while avoiding spam filters.

Video Production & Design

By leveraging advanced targeting technology and staying a step ahead when it comes to emerging best practices, we’ll make sure every dollar of your advertising budget is spent reaching your target audience across various digital platforms, including YouTube, Hulu, CTV, OTT, social media, programmatic platforms, and audio streaming.

Message & Strategy

We work with your team to craft a winning message that reflects your authentic story and will resonate with the public. Then, we devise a step-by-step roadmap for delivering that message to the people who matter.

Video Production and Design

Video remains the richest and most dynamic storytelling medium online. We are a one-stop shop for video development, from concept to post-production editing. We also craft and publish engaging, on-message ad copy, graphics, and websites to make people stop scrolling and pay attention.