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A Little About Us:
We’re a full-service digital firm, and our services run the gamut from online fundraising, to grassroots mobilization, to writing, producing, and purchasing digital advertisements. For the last four years, we’ve been helping leading nonprofits, innovative businesses, government agencies, and, of course, political campaigns at all levels achieve their goals. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to data-driven strategies — applying the latest industry insights to top-notch creative.

Introducing Our New Website
To celebrate four years in business, we just launched our new website! It’s sleek, user-friendly, and packed with resources to supercharge your digital program. Be among the first to explore it here and let us know your thoughts!

Must-Read Blog Post: The Scam PAC Problem
In our latest blog post, we dive into the murky waters of Scam PACs. These deceptive organizations mislead donors, particularly the elderly, signing emails using names like “Barack Obama alert” or “Rachel Maddow says…” but have no real ties to these figures. Their unethical tactics divert crucial funds from legitimate campaigns and causes. Learn more about this pressing issue and why it’s a problem for campaigns at all levels.

Digital Kudos
Kudos to the Biden Victory Fund for testing a large-scale move in digital advertising on Google. Their use of Direct-to-Donate ads on YouTube could be a game-changer especially With Meta becoming less effective as a fundraising tool. This is a testament to their forward-thinking strategy in reaching new folks where they’re at. Check out the direct-to-camera, straightforward solicitation from President Biden here.

Digital Downvote
On a less impressive note, Americans for Prosperity missed the mark in their digital ad strategy attempting to amplify Nikki Haley’s presidential run. According to Google Ads Library, it appears they were investing hundreds of thousands of dollars targeting the “unknown age” demographic, potentially leading to a significant portion of their ads being shown to nonvoting minors.

In the News
A Pa. congressional candidate became the first in the world to use an AI robot to call voters (The Philadelphia Inquirer) Congressional candidate Shamaine Daniels’ use of an AI character named Ashley for voter outreach marks a first in political campaigning. While the technology promises affordability and efficiency, it also raises concerns about ethical implications and the potential for misinformation in politics.