Are Campaign Launch Videos Worth It?

Launch videos have become a cornerstone for some candidates looking to enter the race with a splash. However, it’s crucial to discern between the hype and the actual return on investment these videos bring. While they may work wonders for certain candidates, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Understanding the Dynamics of Launch Videos

Launch videos, when executed well, can indeed create significant momentum. They offer a platform for candidates to succinctly communicate their message, vision, and personality. The key, however, lies in understanding that not all launch videos are guaranteed to go viral or yield substantial donor engagement.

Influencers: The Amplifiers of Your Message

One critical strategy in the success of a launch video is leveraging influencers on the day of release. These influencers play a pivotal role in amplifying the message, extending the reach to a broader audience, and creating an initial buzz that can be crucial for fundraising. But, this tactic tends to be more effective in larger races that are likely to be of interest to influencers, and influencers’ audience. Otherwise, a launch video runs the risk of being a very expensive tree falling in an empty forest.

ROI: A Considered Approach

Candidates must approach launch videos with a clear understanding of ROI. These productions can be costly, and the investment may not always translate into a proportionate increase in donations or support, especially for smaller campaigns or less competitive races. It’s about striking the right balance between impact and expenditure.

The Changing Landscape of Social Media

In today’s digital age, platforms like X (Twitter) and Facebook are experiencing shifts in relevance and effectiveness for political campaigns. The lack of brand safety, especially on X, poses a significant challenge. The diminishing returns on these platforms mean that relying solely on them for disseminating launch videos may not be as effective as it once was.


  • Strategic and Tailored Approach: Launch videos require careful planning and a unique strategy. At Ascend, when we work with you on a launch video, we’ll make sure your content is posted natively to each platform with a donate link attached. We’ll also give it to you straight whether or not we think a launch video makes sense for your campaign — and what length of video makes sense for you (spoiler alert: shorter is almost always better).
  • Maximizing Impact and Reach: With our expertise in digital strategy and influencer engagement, we ensure that your launch video – when done right – not only debuts successfully but also maintains its momentum and effectiveness.
  • Sustained Campaign Thriving: The goal is to ensure your campaign starts strong and continues to engage and inspire your audience, setting you up for long-term success in the race.  

So, is it worth it? 

The decision to create a launch video hinges on several factors. If your goal is to effectively communicate your reasons for running and to provide traditional media with engaging content, a launch video could be a valuable tool. It offers an opportunity to clearly articulate your message and capture the attention of your audience. However, it’s important to recognize that this approach might not align with everyone’s strategy or objectives. In today’s day in age even a “viral video” does not guarantee it will pay for itself immediately.  Ultimately, the choice to produce a launch video should be carefully considered, taking into account your specific campaign needs, size, and the nature of the message you wish to convey.