Monthly Newsletter #2

What We’re Watching

The special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional District is a day away. Democrats, led by nominee Tom Suozzi, hold a financial and advertising advantage over Republican Mazi Pilip as they aim to reclaim the seat previously held by George Santos — although Republicans have narrowed the gap in the final stretch.

Democrats have been particularly dominant on digital media. Suozzi has spent nearly $100,000 on YouTube ads, while Google’s ad library indicates no spending directly from the Pilip campaign, but several display ads from a pro-Pilip PAC.

In addition, the DCCC has launched targeted advertising campaigns aimed at engaging with the diverse voter base in the district, including Chinese-language ads. They’re also running Non-Skip video ads (6s and 15s) to a wide ranging audience. You can watch one of the 15s spots below:

 Are Campaign Launch Videos Worth It?

In the ever-evolving world of political campaigning, launch videos have become a cornerstone for some candidates looking to enter the race with a bang. But campaigns have limited resources, and it’s important to discern between the hype and the actual return on investment these videos bring. If a launch video doesn’t serve the purpose of bringing more money in the door, then it will mostly amount to resources expended months before the election that could instead go to persuading voters once they’ve tuned into the race during the home stretch.

This is not to say that we are anti-launch-video as a rule. They work wonders for some candidates, but they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. Check out our latest analysis on the pros and cons to launch videos in 2024.

Case Study: In 2022, Pro-Choice Advocacy Influences Voter Decisions in Battle for Colorado’s State Legislature

Given some of the headwinds Democrats face in 2024, it’s worth revisiting one of the most successful strategies we utilized in 2022, because it’s a plan Democrats should run back in 2024: zip-tying every Republican candidate to their party’s assault on abortion rights.

In 2022, when control of Colorado’s State Senate was considered essentially a toss-up, we put this issue front and center along with our partners in TV, mail, and field. Through targeted advertising across Search, YouTube, Programmatic platforms, and audio streaming services we highlighted each Republican candidate’s extreme stance on reproductive rights — and the real threat that their victory would pose to abortion access in Colorado. Our work contributed to Democrats winning all six targeted races despite being outspent, and maintaining control of the state legislature. Learn more about this program and check out one of our 6s Non-Skip bumper ads below:

In the News

Fake President Biden Robocalls Traced to Texas Companies (CBS News, Feb. 6, 2024) New Hampshire’s Attorney General John Formella announced an investigation into deceitful robocalls to thousands of pretending to be President Biden. The AI-generated calls, estimated to have reached between 5,000 and 25,000 voters, are allegedly linked to Texas-based Life Corporation and Lingo Telecom. No charges yet, but a criminal probe and a cease and desist order are in place, with the FCC also stepping in as well.

Political News Engagement Drops Ahead of 2024 Election (Axios, Feb. 6, 2024) Americans are showing less interest in political news, opting instead for lighter content like sports and entertainment, despite the upcoming 2024 election. Data indicates a significant decline in political news engagement and cable news ratings, even as (or, perhaps, because) Donald Trump and President Biden dominate headlines.